3rd Wall Studios | 3rd Wall Studios
A visual development and videogame production studios located in Santa Clarita, CA
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Upcoming Game

3rd Wall Studios is working on a new game with a much smaller scope that is more within our current budget. We will be having a smaller crowdfunding campaign in the near future to help fund its development. If the smaller game succeeds, we will be able to use profits made from the game to fund larger, more ambitious games like Vanity! We can’t say much about this second game yet, as it’s under wraps, but an official announcement will be made late Spring or early Summer!

The Future of Vanity

After the Kickstarter campaign ended for Vanity just short of its $25,000 goal, many people were asking the same thing: So what’s next for Vanity? At the close of the campaign, 3rd Wall Studios was contacted by several companies offering to support the production of Vanity. Vanity at the moment is on the backburner and will be given a makeover once the company grows a bit more to accommodate such a large project. The story and game mechanics will be refined to give the game a more focused feel and the development of the project will resume in future. Don’t worry! Vanity has done a lot to help build 3rd Wall Studios, it has helped us learn a lot, and Vanity will be given the attention it deserves when the time is right!